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25 April 2023

Brewer Grolsch another step closer to achieving sustainability ambitions

2022 sustainability highlights available online
Following the recent introduction of a new circular Grolsch crate, there is more sustainability news from Enschede: Royal Grolsch is publishing its sustainability results for 2022 today. One of the highlights was the commissioning of Twence's heat pipeline, which enabled the brewery to switch from mainly fossil energy to sustainable energy in 2022. And the brewer also made sustainability advancements on a social level with the introduction of its own volunteer programme. These - and other significant events - can be read in the 2022 sustainability highlights, which Grolsch is publishing today.
Grolsch's ambition is to become a completely CO2-neutral brewery: a brewery in which all the energy used is generated in a sustainable way. By using heat from Twence, the brewery's CO₂-emissions are being reduced by 72% - or about 5,500 tons a year. But the brewer also wants to make a difference on a social level. ‘We have therefore developed our own Time for Each Other volunteer programme’, explains Susan Ladrak, Sustainability Manager for Koninklijke Grolsch.
‘Time for Each Other’ Volunteer Programme
‘As part of our volunteer programme, all Grolsch employees can do two working days of volunteer work a year during work time. It’s a fantastic opportunity to take a break from the daily grind and to do something for someone else. Win-win, if you ask us’, says Susan. ‘That is just one of our sustainability highlights from last year. I am incredibly proud of all the results we achieved in 2022, and look forward to everything that is on the agenda in the coming period!’. 
2022 Highlights
In addition to the commissioning of Twence's heat pipeline and the introduction of its own volunteer programme, Grolsch has achieved other impressive results in the area of Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility. A few highlights: 
The new green gas installation onsite converts biogas into green gas, which is supplied to the natural gas network. We produce 1 million Nm3 green gas here every year, which is supplied to 700 area households via the regional gas network;
We conserved 46.7 tons of plastic with our TopClip packaging for cans. In addition, we conserved 198 tons of new plastic by using recycled tray film;
Together with Waterschap Vechtsromen and Vitens, amongst others, we are working on sufficient water for everyone in Twente under the name ‘Our blue gold’;
The award of the second Lean & Green star for our efforts to further improve the sustainability of our truck transport - including pallet transport, cellar beer and De Klok Dranken;
We switched to reusable carry trays made of recycled plastic and recyclable PET cups. We were using around 40,000 kilos of cardboard every year for the cardboard trays. That soon amounted to 132 mature trees every year.
Results Available Online   
Would you like to know more about Grolsch's results and activities in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in 2022 or our objectives for 2023? Then view our sustainability highlights 2022 and the accompanying information on the website of Koninklijke Grolsch.