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10 March 2021

Grolsch ‘Puur Weizen’ is now available in the iconic, brown swing-top bottle

From now on, Grolsch ‘Puur Weizen’ (pure Weizen beer) is only available in the iconic, brown swing-top bottle. The special brewing process, the unique pouring ritual and the rich history make Weizen one of the most interesting beers in the world, gaining popularity in recent years. According to the Dutch brewery, this award-winning beer truly comes into its own in the characteristic brown swing-top bottle, therefore, the brewery has decided to stop selling in the 30cl bottle.
An iconic bottle for the award-winning Weizen beer
Brewmasters Guy Evers, Marc Janssen and his father Hennie Janssen, brewed the first Weizen beer for Grolsch in 2005, during the opening of the pilot brewery. 'We chose Weizen because a German brewmaster told us that only Germans were capable of brewing a good Weizen. Three hundred German brewers were invited to the opening. They couldn't believe that we had brewed such a beautiful Weizen," says Marc Janssen. The beer also caught on in the rest of the Netherlands, and in 2007 it won first place at the World Beer Award for best wheat beer in the world. Juan Pérez Nijhuis - Brand Manager Grolsch Specialty Beers - is proud of the renewal: 'Grolsch Puur Weizen is a beer that absolutely deserves our iconic swing-top bottle. The format of the bottle fits well the German Weizen style, but more importantly: the special pouring ritual that ensures an optimal taste experience can be executed perfectly with the swing-top bottle'. 
Plop, roll, pour 
Weizen is known for its cloudiness and soft, fresh taste. The beer gets this cloudy look from the yeast that is still present in the beer. To ensure that the beer is poured properly with enough yeast in it, a special pouring ritual is required: plop, roll and pour. The ritual involves carefully pouring no more than half of the beer from the bottle before closing the swing-top again. The bottle must then carefully be rolled back and forth on the table. The remaining beer can now be poured into the glass together with the loosened yeast and proteins, resulting in an optimal taste experience. ‘Nothing has been changed in the recipe of the beer, but by pouring it correctly the taste does come out better,' says Pérez Nijhuis.
Weizen, not witbier
Weizen is a top-fermented wheat beer with a powerful non-sweet, full-bodied taste. It is brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot, with water, malt, yeast and hops. The brewing technique of Weizen came to Bayern in the early 14th century through Bohemia. That is where this specialty beer finds its origin. To bear the name Weizen - German for "wheat" – at least half of the beer’s content must exist out of wheat malt. Grolsch increased this percentage to 60 percent to achieve the desired taste. Unlike a witbier, no herbs and spices may be added to a Weizen beer. The typical fruit and clove aromas are entirely thanks to the Weizen yeast. 
In the coming days, the Grolsch Puur Weizen in swing-top bottle will be flowing into stores, and within a few weeks the product will solely be available in the brown swing-top bottle (45cl.). The beer will also be available on tap, as soon as catering establishments are allowed to open again. The Grolsch Weizen 0.0% will not be released in a swing-top bottle and will remain available in the 30cl. bottle.