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20 September 2021

Grolsch brews the best Spring Bock and Summer Bock in the world

Grolsch claims two world titles at World Beer Awards
After winning nine awards during the first round at the World Beer Awards (WBA) last month, Grolsch has now managed to secure no less than two world titles during the grand finale: Grolsch Frisse Lentebok and Grolsch Kristalheldere Zomerbok may call themselves 'Best Beer in the World' within their category for one year. The last time Grolsch won a world title was in 2007, back then with Grolsch Puur Weizen.
The World Beer Awards is a prestigious, global competition that is organized annually. Beers are tasted blind and judged by a professional jury. 'We were already super proud of the nine awards we received last month,' says Marc Janssen, Master Brewer at Grolsch. The fact that two of our beers have now been declared the best beer in the world is fantastic.
New impressive recipe Lentebok
Master brewer Janssen is extra proud of the world title for Grolsch Lentebok: 'Last year, after a period of extensive research and testing, we adjusted the recipe of our Lentebok. By using Cara Amber malt and Mittelfrüher hops it has a fresher taste and a nice orange color. It's great that this beer has been chosen as the best in the world", the Master Brewer says proudly. 
But of course our Zomerbok is also a deserved winner," Janssen continues. This refreshing bokbier is brewed with the authentic recipe of a German Kristal Weizenbok. The aromas of clove and fruit and the fresh, slightly tingling aftertaste make the Grolsch Zomerbok a fresh summer beer. It's great that we received worldwide recognition for two of our bocks. 
World Beer Awards
The World Beer Awards is the world's largest beer competition in which the very best beers are selected and awarded within various categories. During the annual tasting, the beers are tested by specialized tasting panels consisting of international beer specialists. This year, more than 1,500 beers from over 30 countries participated. The competition consists of three rounds and nine main categories. In the first round, all beers from the same country are compared with each other. A winner is chosen from each sub-category (the country winner). Medals (gold, silver, bronze) are then awarded to the second, third and fourth place winners from each country. In the second round, the country winners from each country are compared in their subcategory. The winning beers (world style winners) compete in the final round for the title of "best beer in the world" in the nine main categories.