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30 August 2022

Grolsch brews best 'Weizen' and 'Barleywine' in the world

After Grolsch bagged thirteen awards in the first round of the World Beer Awards (WBA) last month, the brewer managed to secure no less than two world titles during the grand finale: Grolsch Krachtig Kanon and Grolsch Puur Weizen may call themselves 'Best Beer in the World' within their category for one year.  
The World Beer Awards is a prestigious, global competition that takes place annually. Last year, Grolsch also won two world titles, with Grolsch Frisse Lentebok and Grolsch Kristalheldere Zomerbok. This year, more than 3,200 beers from 50+ countries participated. The beers are tasted blind and judged by an expert jury. "It's a huge honor to have our craftsmanship recognized by a professional jury on this world stage," says Marc Janssen, Master Brewer at Grolsch. "To have won no less than two world titles now, two years in a row, doesn't happen very often. All the brewers at Grolsch can be proud of that."  
Dutch Weizen leaves Germans behind 
Master brewer Janssen is extra proud of the world title for Grolsch Weizen: "For me personally, this award means a lot. Almost 20 years ago I brewed Grolsch Weizen for the first time with my father. In 2007, we were also voted the best Weizen in the world. That we are now once again leaving behind classic German Weizen brewers like Weihenstephaner and Franziskaner is a huge achievement." 
"But of course, Kanon is also a deserved winner," Janssen continued. This beer is a winner in the Pale Barley Wine category (beer with a high alcohol content and full flavor). Grolsch Krachtig Kanon was first introduced in 1997, when it was part of a series of 6 specialty beers brewed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the bracket. "Extraordinary that we have received global recognition for two beers we have been brewing for a long time." 
World Beer Awards 
The World Beer Awards is the world's largest beer competition where the very best beers are selected and awarded within different categories. During the annual tasting, the beers are tested by specialized tasting panels consisting of international beer specialists. This year, more than 3,200 beers from 50+ countries participated. The competition consists of three rounds and ten main categories. In the first round, all beers from the same country are compared. A winner is chosen from each sub-category (the 'country winner'). Medals (gold, silver, bronze) are then awarded for the second, third and fourth places in each country. In the second round, the country winners from each country are compared in their subcategory. The winning beers (‘world style winners’) must compete against each other in the final round for the title of ‘Best Beer in the World’ in the ten main categories.