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Vakmanschap is Meesterschap

Vakmanschap is Meesterschap

The Grolsch Vakmanschap is Meesterschap Funds is created in honor of the 400 year anniversary of Grolsch in 2015. It was a gift from Grolsch to the region to stimulate social and economic growth.
Grolsch wants to encourage  'vakmanschap is meesterschap', craftsmanship is mastery, in Twente and the Achterhoek. Every year certain projects get financial support from this fund. These project excel in character and entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability.


Due to the situation in and around Ukraine, we have decided to donate the donations from the Grolsch Vakmanschap is Meesterschap Fonds to Ukraine this year. This means that no projects/initiatives can be submitted in 2022. We hope for your understanding for this.


Project and / or initiative must take place in Twente or the Achterhoek and provides financial support for initiatives that meet the following four criteria:

Entrepreneurship - What does the project and / or initiative contribute locally?

Innovation - Does the initiative contain an innovative character or an innovative factor?

Durability - Is the project sustainable or have sustainable measures been taken?

Character - What does the initiative contribute to society?

Click here for the extended criteria.


Honored projects


Aandacht and Ambacht - Made in the Achterhoek is an initiative of Around the Corner. They connect and make attention and craft visible by designing pure products for the interior and shaping them together with craftspeople from the Achterhoek and Twente. Through social institutions from the region they involve 'people at a distance from the labor market'. With their products they try to apply as many natural materials as possible or to opt for reuse. More information about Around the Corner can be found on www.aroundthecorner.nu

Resto van Harte - has been using the dining table for 13 years as a means to meet and connect in a neighborhood or neighborhood. Resto Van Harte has converted her knowledge and experience into course material and founded the Van Harte Academy. Through this training and guidance in practice they call 'neighborhood mobilization' mobilize and train local residents to be able to independently carry out the project. More information about Resto van Harte can be found on www.restovanharte.nl

De Zomer Ondernemer - helps young people aged between 15 and 22 to start up a business in a summer vacation. The young people learn in a hands-on manner what entrepreneurship is exactly and work on their own plan in detail. The young people receive a starting capital with which they can give their company a helping hand. For more information about the Summer entrepreneur, please visit www.zomerondernemer.nl/twente .


Retail skills - This new teaching method from the ROC van Twente provides the pupils with a very practical training for the retail sector, with which they are better prepared for internships and the future field.

OT & L Oldenzaal - Transport and logistics entrepreneurs from the region have set up a program together with education to train more young people into professionals in the transport sector.

Noaberhuus Glanerbrug - A project to train people at a distance from the labor market and to help them through work-to-work and intensive guidance at work.

Stichting Fietswens - The foundation wants to make customized bicycles for children with a growth restriction. The first model is called the Trhreelybike and there is an enormous demand for it; the designers would like to develop further.

Tiny Housing Twente - This project aims to realize several residential areas with Tiny Houses, small but fully-fledged homes that are produced and inhabited in a sustainable manner.





Enschede Textielstad - Enschede With the project 'Attention to craftsmanship', Textielstad has the goal of putting Enschede back on the map as a textile city and creating employment for young people and the unemployed. This happens with, among other things, the master-journey trajectory, where students receive lessons / guidance from old weavers / craftsmen.

TETEM Art Space Foundation - The TETEM Art Space Foundation ensures that local companies transfer knowledge and experiences to younger generations with 'Maker Festival Twente'.

ROC van Twente - The ROC van Twente lays the link between education and the business world with 'Master Companion Tailor' in order to convey knowledge to young people.

Rkbs Pope John / Marcellinus - Rkbs Pope Joannes / Marcellinus teaches teachers with 'The leader in my school' in Enschede to apply this concept, which is based on the seven habits of Covey, to students. This way, knowledge and skills are acquired that young people need in the 21st century.

Stichting Studiegroep Metselen - Stichting Studiegroep Metselen tries to interest pupils from groups 6, 7 and 8 with 'Gastlessen metselen' and to make them enthusiastic about a career in craft and technology. And in particular to study, stimulate and promote the field of bricklaying.



East Dutch Textiles - Stichting Comsocial, Enschede - Comsocial Foundation is setting up an internship company for MBO students and an apprenticeship organization for less educated job seekers in the fashion and clothing industry. The starting point is sustainable, labor-friendly production methods. www.comsocial.nl

Foundation Vriendentuinen Achterhoek - Nine care farms work together to produce fresh vegetables, fruit, potatoes, eggs and other fresh produce to Food Banks in the region. www.girlsandaroundcard.nl 

Ambacht 21 - the city as a workshop, Zutphen - Ambacht21 is a festival to introduce young people to the possibilities of a career in craft and technology. www.ambacht21.nl

Hibernate Foundation - Hibernate Foundation designed the Sheltersuit. A uniquely designed coat, made from residues, with the possibility to zip up a sleeping bag. The suits are given away for free to homeless people and refugees. www.sheltersuit.com

Stichting RIBO - The Practice Center for Restoration and Craftsmanship wants to interest young people in the restoration craft and offer prospects for education and work. www.praktijkcentrumrestauratie.nl




Maf & Chique - Maf & Chique Foundation, Twente region - Hotel restaurant with an innovative concept where people with a distance to the labor market can develop themselves with the aim of independent employment elsewhere.

Open air theater Eibergen - The parachute hanging above the Open Air Theater Eibergen is due for replacement, a new waterproof parachute can keep 500 visitors dry. www.openluchttheatereibergen.nl

From Clothing to Furniture - From Clothing to Furniture collects and processes non-reusable clothing into acoustic furniture solutions. Which is produced in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. www.nyink.nl

If I were the boss of the news - TV Enschede FM - Special editorial team will be given the assignment to highlight social issues and make the news more socially relevant locally and regionally.

GoAn! - Sustainable Sport - Transforming natural products now seen as waste into high-quality sports clothing, with a closed production system without polluting processes and transport movements.