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19 April 2021

Grolsch launches new campaign with entire 0.0% range

Newest Proef Karakter campaign shows that you can enjoy the moment at any time
As of April 12, the new campaign for Grolsch 0.0 beers starts. With a television commercial, various online videos and activations, the brand will draw attention to its entire range of 0.0 beers. The campaign is part of the campaign Proef Karakter, which the brewery launched three years ago. Unlike the previous campaigns, this one is all about alcohol-free beer. 
Subtle twist
In the commercial, we see different characters enjoying their beer. They do this at moments that are recognisable to everyone: after work, after a football match, at the end of a moving day and after a long walk in nature, while listening to the iconic Grolsch soundtrack 'Time of the season'. There is a subtle twist at the end of the films: unlike with pils or speciality beers, the action only begins after the moment of drinking. Because that's what makes Grolsch 0.0 different besides the taste;  it doesn't interrupt your day. You can just get on with whatever it is you're planning to do. Especially with Grolsch's award-winning alcohol-free beers: the most characterful 0.0 beer in the Netherlands.
The Enschede-based brewer deliberately chose a specific 0.0 campaign. Melanie Koning, marketing manager at Grolsch: 'Alcohol-free beer is gaining in popularity and more and more consumers regularly choose for an alcohol-free alternative. With this campaign, we not only want to show that we have a wide range of delicious and responsible 0.0 beers, but we also want to make it clear that 0.0 beer is suitable for every moment of the day’. 
A different beer for every moment
The commercial features three different alcohol-free beers: Grolsch 0.0%, brewed with two types of hops, just like our Grolsch Premium Pilsner. Also Grolsch Radler 0.0%, brewed and mixed with real fruit juice, passes by. The last beer in the commercia is Grolsch Weizen 0.0%, a naturally wheat beer with the characteristic scents of cloves and fruit. A different beer for every moment’, says Melanie Koning. ‘For everyone who doesn't want to or can't drink alcohol but still wants to enjoy a good beer'. 
On-pack action: chance to win a week in a motorhome
From 12 April onwards, the commercial will be visible on all TV stations, online and on the socials. As soon as the cinemas are open again, the commercial will be shown there too. From the start of the campaign, Grolsch non-alcoholic beer buyers will have the chance to win a week in the camper, which can be seen in the commercial during the walking scene. This is communicated via a 5-second tag-on. The campaign runs until 31 May.
Bureau: Fitzroy
Production Company: CZAR Amsterdam
Executive Producer: Karlijn Paardekooper
Producer: Robert Nan
Production Manager: Felice van Zuilen
Director: Jonathan Herman
DOP: Jasper Wolf
Art Director: Rikke Jelier (Jelier & Schaaf)
Editor: Jurriaan van Nimwegen
VFX,Online: Storm Productions
Grading: Joppo van De Grot
Sounddesign: Kees Kroot van Sound Circus
Muziek: Time Of The Season van The Zombies