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8 December 2021

Holland Malt realises world's first emission free malt factory in Eemshaven

Another great step in our journey towards realizing a climate neutral brewery in 2025 and a completely CO2 free chain in 2050! Holland Malt - one of our partners - is starting the realization of a completely emission free malt house in Eemshaven, Groningen province. Through a new, innovative heat system it will no longer use fossil fuels, biomass or other sources of energy for the malting process, which causes harmful emissions. With this, the malting plant is taking a big step in its energy transition. From 2024 onwards, the installation that is to provide for this transition will be fully operational.

As a project participant from the very beginning, this means that as of 2024 all the malt - one of the most important ingredients of beer - we purchase from Holland Malt will be produced 100% emission-free. This is another great step towards realizing our ambition: a climate-neutral brewery by 2025! And our ambition goes beyond our own processes. It's great that we can work together as partners to make the entire chain more sustainable,' says Koert van 't Hof, Corporate Affairs Director at Royal Grolsch.

Also watch the video explaining how Holland Malt achieves this major step in energy transition.