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6 July 2022

One kilometer of heat pipeline placed thirty meters beneath the A35

Using sustainable heat intelligently so as to be able to largely do without natural gas. Royal Grolsch and Twence are going to make it happen. The heat pipeline, which was pulled under the A35 motorway this week, brings us closer to completion by the end of December 2022. Two 500-meter pipelines have been pulled under the A35 motorway. A huge job, but we're there.
A heat pipeline is being laid in order to supply heat to Koninklijke Grolsch. This pipeline runs underground from powerplant Ennatuurlijk across industrial estate ‘Marssteden’ in Enschede. But how do you get to Grolsch when it crosses a busy traffic artery, the A35? Underneath it!
It was a major operation, as two drillings and two retractions were performed for a supply and a discharge pipe. The goal? To send hot water there and return cooled water so that it can be reheated. One five-hundred-meter pipeline was pulled in the direction of Grolsch, accompanied by four cranes. At a depth of thirty meters. You can imagine that this is a special operation. After more than a week of drilling, five hundred meters of pipeline disappears forever underground in about four hours.
By the end of 2022, the heat can be used by Koninklijke Grolsch. This will reduce its CO2 emissions by 72%: about 5,500 tons per year. That is comparable to the gas consumption of 1,800 households. Two-thirds of Koninklijke Grolsch's heat demand will then be met with heat from Twence.
Andrei Haret, managing director Royal Grolsch: "It is our ambition to be completely CO2 neutral by 2025. The collaboration with Twence will enable us to switch most of our energy consumption from fossil fuels to sustainable energy. In doing so, we are not only taking a big step towards our own ambitions, but we also hope to motivate other companies to opt for sustainable solutions."
Marc Kapteijn, director of Twence, said, "Twence's aim in doing so is to make the urban area more sustainable. The sooner we get rid of the gas with all possible energy sources, the better for the region. We have sustainable heat available for more than 100,000 homes. Now is the time to start putting that to use and make a difference."
Want to know what the project looks like? Take a look at the video through this link! (Dutch)