Economic contribution

The Grolsch beer brewery is well-situated in the scenic area between Boekelo and Usselo, with easy access to road and water routes. Grolsch feels at home here, as do many of the brewery's employees.


Local, national and global

Grolsch's home in the east of the country is very important to the company, and Grolsch is proud to be an important contributor to the local economy. But our activities also contribute significantly to the national and global economies as well.

National economic growth

The beer sector is an important motor for the economy, worth 0.3% of the Gross National Product. Grolsch is a major contributor to this figure. Our economic contribution includes direct employment and the distribution and sale of our beers, but also purchases from local, national and global suppliers.


Facts and figures

Grolsch's contribution to the economy:

  • Volume produced: 2.8 million hectolitres of beer
  • Total sales of Grolsch in the Netherlands: 1.7 million hectolitres of beer 
  • Total export: 1.1 million hectolitres of beer 
  • Grolsch's market share in the Netherlands: 14%
  • Number of employees: 657
  • Distribution in more than 70 countries
  • Indirect employment: 8000 FTEs
  • Contribution to national treasury: 286 million euros (Including excise taxes, VAT and income tax)


The Dutch Beer sector

  • Indirectly, 65,000 people depend on the sector for their work.
  • The Dutch state receives over 2.1 billion euros of excise duty, VAT and other taxes through the production and sale of beer. 
  • The Dutch beer sector contributes 2.6 billion euros to the Dutch economy.
  • About 59% of the beer produced in the Netherlands goes abroad.

Nederlandse Brouwers vertellen het brede verhaal over de bijdrage die de Nederlandse biersector levert, zowel economisch als maatschappelijk.


(bron: Nederlandse Brouwers)