Primary working conditions

Our employees determine the success of the company and we believe that the quality of our employees is our main advantage. We find it important to be and to remain attractive therefore offer a good employment package with sufficient choices.

  • Good CLA
    Grolsch has its own collective labor agreement with good salary, proper surcharges and excellent social benefits.
  • Variable reward
    To reward our employees for their contribution to Grolsch's success, we offer a variable reward. The height depends on both organizational and personal performance. 
  • Vacation days: 24 a year
  • 36h work week with possibility to buy off the ATV-hours
  • 13th month
  • Holiday pay: 8%

Secondary Working Conditions

Grolsch offers various extras on top of the salary, from Beer at Home to a good pension.

  • Beer at home
    Do you want your friends and family to be able to try some of our top brands? With the Beer at Home arrangement you can take 3 crates a month, over which you only have to pay payroll tax, plus you get 5 crates a year extra!
  • Pension scheme
    Grolsch has its own pension fund and applies a 2/3 - 1/3 employer / employee ratio. 
  • Training and development opportunities
    Grolsch has various training and development opportunities for his employees.
  • Travel expenses reimbursement 15 ct per km to max 35km actual travel distance. 

Tertiary working conditions

Grolsch offers his employees some small extras that can really make the difference - from a good collective health insurance to all kinds of variable facilities.

  • Company restaurant
    Grolsch has its own business restaurant with freshly baked sandwiches, salads, juices and snacks.
  • CLA á la Carte
    Grolsch has a CLA á la Carte that allows employees to deploy different resources in exchange for additional holiday hours, gross cash benefits, participation in the bicycle plan or company fitness, trade union fees or additional travel expenses.
  • Collective Health insurance
    We think it's important that our employees and their families have access to a good health insurance to stay happy and healthy. Grolsch has therefore made excellent agreements with Zilveren Kruis on collective health insurance.
  • Collective facilities
    Via Grolsch, our employees can benefit from the arrangements of the Centraal Beheer Achmea staff facilities.
  • Friday afternoon drink
    The weekly Friday afternoon drink in one of Grolsch's own brewery pubs offers the opportunity for relaxation and to enjoy our beers, soft drinks and snacks.