Royal Grolsch

Grolsch's history stretches back to 1615, making it one of the oldest companies in the Netherlands. The company exclusively brews beer and has grown into one of the Netherlands' strongest leading brands through the years. Furthermore, Grolsch is gaining respect further afield as well.



The company employs some 600 staff both in the Netherlands and abroad, and since 1995 Grolsch has been entitled to use the predicate 'Koninklijk' (Dutch for 'Royal').

More information on the origins of beer, the brewing process and the different beers brewed by Grolsch can be found on this website.

Corporate Video

Asahi Group Holdings

Since October 2016, Grolsch is part of Asahi Europe Ltd, which in its turn is a subsidiary of Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. Asahi Europ Ltd include the brands Peroni, Meantime and Grolsch.







Asahi UK

De Klok Dranken

De Klok Dranken BV is a subsidiary of the Grolsche Bierbrouwerij Nederland BV.




The liquor store supplies a full range of beverages, such as beers, soft drinks, spirits, wines and various additional items, to catering companies, abrasives, sports clubs, events and businesses. In addition, De Klok Dranken is exclusive supplier of Grolsch kegs in her region.


De Klok Dranken