Our corporate culture

At Grolsch you will be in a professional and open business culture. The focus is on achieving results and taking your responsibility. The atmosphere is informal and the doors of your colleagues are always open. We appreciate and respect each other and value a safe and fun work environment. Integrity and teamwork are important to us. We believe everyone has the capacity to develop and grow and we like to invest in that. You get the space to show your talents and develop yourself further. You can be who you are to get the most out of yourself and push your boundaries.

Our people

Grolsch is in every way a remarkable company, based on remarkable people. We have always been different from others. Generation after generation, we followed our own way and have done things differently. Not to hinder, but to be better than others in brewing, packing and distributing beer. We are enterprising in character and inventive. We love new challenges and go for quality, both in our way of working and in what we make. We brew beer and we do that with passion, craftsmanship and effort. We would like to be appreciated for what we do, for the quality beer we brew and the way we work.
Wondering who you'll meet in our brewery? Our employees are happy to tell you how they experience working at Grolsch.





Do you study at the university or university college and are you looking for an inspirational internship or place to graduate? Grolsch offers possibilities! We believe in the strength of collaboration with students and therefore offer interesting internship or graduation opportunities for students. You will be challenged to put theory into practice.


Young Professional

Have you recently completed your academic education or are you graduating soon? Grolsch is looking for young academics who distinguish themselves by intelligence, personality and entrepreneurial spirit. As a Young Professional you can be selected for our Young Development Program. During the program, candidates will discover where their talents are and what they want to develop. Of course, with the goal of successfully fulfilling a management function.


You've just graduated or have worked for a while and are ready for the next step in your career. You don't want 'just' a job, but work on an A-brand at a leading company, to work with a lot of passion and craftsmanship on an appealing product. A company where you can develop yourself professionally as well as personally, giving you the opportunity to take action. Are you ready for a career at Grolsch?


You have been working for a number of years and have now built a nice career for yourself. But you wonder if you're still in the right place. Does your work still challenge you? Do you still have enough opportunities to develop yourself? If you are looking for a new challenge and are ready for the top, you're at the right place at Grolsch!

De Klok Dranken

On this website you will also find the vacancies of our Wholesaler De Klok Dranken. De Klok Dranken BV is a subsidiary of Grolsche Bierbrouwerij Nederland BV. It supplies a complete package of beverages (beers, soft drinks, distilled wines and wines) from the regional offices in Delfgauw, Deventer, Groningen, Groenlo and Helmond and various catering-related items to catering companies, liquor stores, sports clubs, events and companies. In addition, De Klok Dranken is exclusive supplier of Grolsch fusten in its own rayon.


De Klok Dranken BV is an enterprising, hands-on organization with a regional focus. The commitment and involvement of the employees expresses a clear stamp on corporate culture. Entrepreneurship, customer service, loyalty and respect for regional culture are characteristic of the organization and the staff of De Klok.

De Klok Dranken


In addition to the vacancies you can find on this site, we regularly have vacancies at Grolsch that are filled out by our in-house temp agency Tempo-Team. They have their own office in the brewery and take care of the recruitment, selection, introduction and planning of flex staff. Think of functions as a production worker, operator or machine leader at various levels. Also (temporary) office functions are regularly filled out by our employment agency.


Interested in starting your career at Grolsch via Tempo Team? Contact us and ask for the possibilities.

Tempo Team Inhouse Services
E: tempoteam@grolsch.nl
T: 053-48 33 319