As soon as you walk into our brewery, you can feel the pride. We are proud of our brands, our company, our craftsmanship and, of course, our beers. That is part of our DNA. Just like sustainability and corporate social responsibility, in everything we do. Because we believe that this will enable us – and the world around us - to move forward.

SCSR has become an integral part of how we work day in, day out, and we put this philosophy into practice through a wide range of products. One of our key principles is taking a circular, inclusive approach to how we think and what we do. Our sustainability strategy focuses on six focus areas, and all our projects in each of these focus areas we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Watch the Grolsch Sustainability video or read our Sustainability Highlights over 2023


Results 2023 & objectives 2024
Curious about the full results of 2023 and our objectives for 2024? You can find these topic on the relevant subpages: CO2 & energy consumption, Packaging, Transport, Water, Inclusion & Wellbeing and Alcohol. 


Within our sustainability strategy we have six focus areas:

  1.  Reducing CO2 & energy consumption

  2.  Maximising circular packaging

  3.  Optimizing transport

  4.  Reducing and securing water consumption

  5.  Stimulating inclusion & well-being

  6.  Promoting responsible alcohol consumption



After all, we all have a responsibility to contribute to a better, inclusive, and circular world.

Sustainability highlights 2023          Grolsch Sustainability Video


Time For Each Other

Time For Each Other

At Grolsch, in addition to producing, distributing and selling our great beers, we think it is important to pay attention to the world around us. That is why we have developed the volunteer programme 'Time for Each Other'. Under this programme, all Grolsch employees are allowed to volunteer for two working days a year (16 hours).


Environmentally Friendly Brewery

Environmentally Friendly Brewery

The Grolsche Bierbrouwerij in Enschede is a very environmentally friendly beer brewery. When the brewery was built, various environmental aspects were explicitly taken into account, as well as an optimal integration of the brewery into its immediate surroundings. For instance, the brewery is virtually odourless and noise-free for the surrounding area. In addition, we use 100% green electricity and 67% green heat from Twence for our processes. The biogas we produce in the water treatment plant is upgraded to natural gas quality, providing 700 households in Boekelo with green gas.


Responsible Alcohol Consumption

Responsible Alcohol Consumption

Via we inform you about all effects of alcohol consumption. We dissaprove of alcohol in traffic, below 18, during pregnancies and all other forms of irresponsible alcohol consumption. We want to guard against the damaging effects of irresponsible alochol consumption. Because of this we work together wirth other organizations to deal with irresponsible alcohol consumption.