The Grolsch organisation is just as unique as the brand itself. Generation after generation, we have followed our own path and done things differently. Our Swingtop bottle is an excellent example. Grolsch dares to experiment, while remaining faithful to its principles. We have an entirely unique vision of beer and of sustainability too. We feel it is important to continually challenge ourselves.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility form an integral part of how Grolsch operates. We believe it is our responsibility to make an active contribution to a sustainable living environment and to minimise the impact of our business on the environment. All of this is done partly with a view to securing our business over the long term.

SCSR annual report

Check out our SCSR annual report.  






SCSR annual report


The sustainability strategy of Grolsch focusses on four different tasks:
  • Promote social and economic growth;
  • Encourage responsible alcohol consumption; 
  • Safeguard the availability of water and reduce its consumption;
  • Decrease our CO2 emissions and maximise the reuse of waste;
Curious about the SCSR activities and agenda of Grolsch? See the online annual reports above.

Brewery design

The Grolsch beer brewery in Enschede is one of the most environmentally friendly beer breweries in the world. During the construction process between 2001 and 2004, attention was specifically paid to a range of environmental aspects and to ensure that the brewery was adapted to fit perfectly into its immediate surroundings. For instance, it is one of the world's most economical users of water, it produces virtually no sound or odours that are discernible to those in the vicinity, and the biogas released from water purification is reused to power the steam boilers. In that way Grolsch generates 18% of its total energy needs itself. 





Responsible alcoholconsumption

On the website we inform you about the consequences of alcohol use. We disapprove alcohol in traffic, alcohol under 18, alcohol at pregnancy and all other forms of irresponsible alcohol use. Through this website we want to guard against the harmful effects that can cause irresponsible alcohol consumption. That is why we work with various organizations and stakeholders to address irresponsible alcohol consumption