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8 March 2021

Andrei Haret signs LEAD pledge for diversity and inclusivity

Today, on International Women's Day, we emphasize our belief that every individual employee deserves equal treatment and support, regardless of gender, ethnicity and disability. That's why Andrei Haret, Managing Director at Grolsch and Asahi France, has joined many other CEO's today in signing the LEAD pledge: a promise that, at our company, gender equality and inclusivity will always be promoted. 
LEAD Network
Grolsch, as part of Asahi, is a member of the LEAD Network. The LEAD Network's mission is to encourage and support women in the retail and consumer industry. At LEAD Network they believe, as we do, that the best results are achieved when all talent in the workplace is valued equally. This network offers Grolsch the opportunity to connect with other organizations, share and gain knowledge, and receive inspiration from the unique training modules and webinars offered. Together with LEAD, we have more to offer to our (future) professionals. 
The LEAD pledge
To show just how serious gender diversity and inclusivity are being taken, the LEAD pledge was created. With this pledge, CEOs from all over the world make the promise that, within their company, diversity will always be stimulated. By signing the LEAD pledge, we emphasize our active commitment to an inclusive, gender-positive work environment.
Andrei Haret, Managing Director at Royal Grolsch and Asahi France: 
"Diversity brings with it different experiences and ways of thinking. It accelerates innovative ideas and promotes creativity. We want to encourage this by creating a work environment that consists of colleagues with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, because we are convinced that we all benefit from this. One way we do this is by encouraging the representation of women at the leadership level. By signing this agreement, we want to give additional strength to our ambitions in the area of diversity and inclusiveness."