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15 December 2021


I have been working for Grolsch for over 23 years, but the reaction I get when I tell people that I work for Grolsch still makes me proud! In my role as Team Leader Shipping & Forwarding, I share responsibility for the worldwide distribution of our beers. Over the years we have already managed to make our transport quite sustainable, but we can still improve a lot. It is cool to work for a company that is so actively working on this!

Our brewery has a clear ambition in the field of sustainability: a climate neutral brewery in 2025. In order to become a fully climate neutral company, we are taking further steps to also make our transport and related processes fully sustainable (scope 3). In doing so, we want to comply with the current and future requirements regarding transport in the Netherlands. We have already achieved good results in this area in recent years: for our pallet distribution in the Netherlands we drive vehicles with the highest emission class (Euro-6), we train and monitor drivers on their driving behavior and we use extra long trucks (LHV) for the delivery of our cans and bottles.

Can it be smarter and more sustainable?
Together with our partners, we are always looking at whether our transport can be smarter and more sustainable. For example, various tests and studies are currently underway in the field of automation and alternative fuels. Since June this year, for example, two trucks for our pallet transport have been running entirely on HVO 100 (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). This type of biofuel is produced from hydrogen-treated vegetable oils and residual waste and saves 89% CO2 compared to regular diesel. During this test period we accurately measured the consumption and the kilometers driven, so we can compare this with the use of Diesel. We are also continuously working on CO2-saving measures in the area of loading (such as increasing the load factor) and planning. We are also working on electric vehicles, initially for our lease cars, with the aim of making our fleet greener in a phased manner. All our forklift trucks at the brewery and De Klok Dranken branches have been electric since 2004.

Better use of Twente channels
We are not only looking at transport by road, but also by water. Together with other major companies in Twente, we have signed the 'Better Use of Twente Canals' deal. The aim is to transport more freight by water. By 2020, we will have shipped almost 80% of our deep sea shipments via barge. In addition, together with a number of other companies and in cooperation with Port of Twente, Logistic Association Port of Twente, the Province of Overijssel and Joint Corridor Off- Road of the Top Sector Logistics, we have taken the initiative for the Joint Corridor. This is a joint (international) transport connection of several like-minded companies with the same origin and destination for freight transport. After the start-up of a Joint Corridor, there is active collaboration on the continuous improvement of transport performance. We hope that in the future more and more other companies will also make use of this sustainable way of transport!

Lean & Green
Since 2013, Grolsch has had the Lean & Green Star. We have been awarded this recognition because - in the period 2007 to 2012 - we saved no less than 28.7% CO2 with our pallet transport in the Netherlands. This made Grolsch one of the first 30 companies in the Netherlands to receive a star. However, we have not sat still since then and have continued to look for CO2-saving measures in the area of transport. In addition to our pallet transport in the Netherlands, we are now going to expand our collaboration with Lean & Green by taking a closer look at our other distribution flows (export, cellar beer and De Klok Dranken). In this way we are working towards a 2nd and 3rd Lean & Green star.

Next generation
It remains great to see our trucks and beers everywhere in the Netherlands (and beyond!). The realization that our beer is being brewed and transported in a more sustainable way makes it even better: because we want the next generation to still be able to enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer. I am glad that I can contribute to this through my work.

Do you have any questions, comments or tips regarding sustainable transport? I would love to hear them!

Alwin Kulsdom,

Teamleader Shipping & Forwarding

Picture: Marco Koopman