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14 October 2021

BOB in the spotlight during successful Military Boekelo-Enschede 2021

During the 50th edition of the Military Boekelo-Enschede we joined forces with the organization of the event and the Dutch organisation for safe traffic (Veilig Verkeer Nederland) to draw attention to the BOB campaign.
As a brewer we stimulate responsible alcohol consumption. Especially when it comes to alcohol and traffic, because the two are obviously not compatible. We strive to collaborate with partners in order to have as much impact as possible, like with Dutch trafic safety organisation Veilig Verkeer Nederland, with whom we have been working for years.
Both on the Grolsch parking lot and on the Military grounds there was plenty of attention for the BOB campaign. At the BOB café on the Military grounds, visitors could get information about the consequences of alcohol consumption in traffic and could get acquainted with our Grolsch 0.0% portfolio. Visitors who could prove they were responsible BOBs by taking a breathalyzer test at the end of the day were given a small gift and a refreshing Grolsch 0.0% to take home.
All in all, it was another great collaboration with Veilig Verkeer Nederland.