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2 November 2023

De Twentse Golf is up and running: time for a different take on water!

There is just about enough water in Twente; we are balancing on the edge. Our sandy soil does not hold the water well and users demand a lot. Do we wait until the last drop? Absolutely not. ' De Twentse Golf'  is a community of innovative thinkers and doers who are working hard for the future of Twente's water. We are looking at possibilities to reuse residual water, we want to match supply and demand as closely as possible and work with users to share knowledge about savings. 
Yesterday the community met at our brewery in Enschede. As a water user an inspiring example in the field of water saving and monitoring. We were introduced to Twente iconic projects such as the BlueElephant and especially to each other. Each party, from university to start-up and water board, has its own knowledge to contribute. We learn from each other's expertise and put it into action. The ongoing initiatives and exchanged ideas are a strong impulse for De Twentse Golf to put even more innovative solutions for water scarcity in Twente into practice in the coming years. 
Does this sound like a community you should be a part of? Then be sure to follow the Linkedin page and website of De Twentse Golf and leave your contact details.