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26 April 2021

Grolsch and Talpa Network launch Grolsch 0.0 FM

Normally, Grolsch says 'taste character', but thanks to a new cooperation with Radio Veronica, Grolsch's character can now also be heard. Grolsch 0.0 FM, a digital radio station whose audio is recorded 100% in Royal Grolsch's brewery in Enschede, can be heard in the Radio Veronica app, on and via JUKE as of today.
Perhaps it is the spirit of the times or the result of a worldwide pandemic, but there seems to be a greater need these days to create your own moments of happiness and rest. Some do it with meditation, others with sports or listening to a podcast. The goal is the same in all cases: a moment in which you slow down. Or in Grolsch terms: moments when you don't give 100%, but the full 0.0%. In order to facilitate these 0.0% moments, Grolsch is launching Grolsch 0.0 FM today, in cooperation with Radio Veronica: a digital radio station with soothing beer sounds so that you can enjoy the moment, at any time.  
Unique Grolsch sounds
A sonic beer experience can be heard on Grolsch 0.0 FM 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Opening, pouring and blowing on a beer bottle, they all pass by. The audio was recorded especially for 0.0 FM in the Grolsch brewery in Enschede: the 0.0% beer bottles (such as 0.0% Radler and the Weizen 0.0%) are the instruments and the copper brewing kettles are used as sound bowls. 
In order to support the launch, Radio Veronica is dedicated to Grolsch 0.0 FM this week. In each programme, you will hear a well-known track blown onto a Grolsch 0.0% bottle. Listeners who guess the song correctly have a chance of winning a week in the Grolsch Camper (from the commercial) with pocket money.

Grolsch 0.0 FM: for every moment of the day
Ellen Slaa Kamphuis, Brand Manager Grolsch: 'We just started with the new Grolsch alcohol-free campaign on TV and we wanted to add something playful to it. Through this digital radio station, our 0.0% beer will not only be tasted and seen in the coming months, but also heard. A unique Grolsch experience that you can enjoy at any time of the day'.

Grolsch 0.0 FM can be listened to this week via the Radio Veronica channels and in the coming months via JUKE, and is thus available on (almost) all devices: from smartphones to smart speakers, from Sonos to Apple carplay. 

Grolsch 0.0 FM is part of the Grolsch Proef Karakter campaign that is currently running.  Besides the radio campaign, spots on other radio stations of Talpa Network and social media are used as well. Grolsch 0.0 FM was developed in collaboration with Talpa Media Solutions & the Bureau. 
Grolsch: Ellen Slaa Kamphuis, Merlinde Warners
Creatie: Robbert Hilgeman, Stefan Da Costa Gomez, Wouter van der Pauw
Strategie: Rose Zandvliet
Design: Stefan Da Costa Gomez, Davidson Lopes
Agency Producer: Wibout Warnaar
Account: Django van der Miessen
Project Management: Margriet Wery
Radio Veronica: Niels van Baarlen, Vincent de Lijser
Audio: Jaap Wajer, René Thie
VO: Marisa Heutink (0.0 FM) Rick Romijn (spots)
Online: Theun Herder