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29 June 2020

Grolsch Craftmanship is Mastery Fund supports three local initiatives

This year, too, beer brewer Grolsch will be supporting initiatives from the region from the Grolsch Craftmanship is Mastery Fund. The three honoured projects were announced today. In addition to character and craftsmanship, which are central to Grolsch, innovation and sustainability also play an important role in these initiatives.
According to Jaap Hulshof - Manager Corporate Sponsorship and Corporate Events at Royal Grolsch - it is particularly important at this time that the Grolsch Vakmanschap is Meesterschap Fonds continues to support initiatives of this kind. Just now, these initiatives can use our support more than ever before. The COVID-19 virus is putting great pressure on entrepreneurs and associations. It is important to bring positive news during this period and give these three initiatives extra support''.   
All submitted initiatives have recently been judged by a professional jury on five criteria: craftsmanship & mastery, entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability and character. The jury consisted of Koert van 't Hof - Corporate Affairs Director Grolsch -, Irma Bakker - Chairman Works Council Grolsch -, Susan Ladrak - Manager Engineering Grolsch - and Jaap Hulshof - Manager Corporate Sponsoring & Corporate Events Grolsch.
According to the jury, the following three projects met the criteria best and therefore receive a contribution from the Grolsch Vakmanschap is Meesterschap Fonds:
Interactive Bee Museum with Bee garden
By setting up a new interactive Bee Museum and redesigning the bee garden, Interactive Bee Museum and Bee Garden aims to improve beekeeping in the broadest sense of the word. Activities that include the training and retraining of beekeepers, the care and maintenance of the apiary, recreational education for citizens and schoolchildren, giving guest classes for pupils at primary schools and in 't Koetshuis, and selling its own honey and other organic bee products.
The GroenWater project has developed the GreenSources system which collects, stores and reuses water. The initiator of this project is the board of the Friends of the G Foundation, one of the largest disabled football departments in the Netherlands. The water purifying artificial grass pitch, in combination with the awareness & training programme for vulnerable target groups, provides a sustainable interpretation of social and economic tasks. The GreenSources system contributes to a sustainable world with an accessible system for safe water, health, vitality and social welfare.
B&B Erve Groot Wegereef 
Bed & Breakfast Erve Groot Wegereef is a combination of social entrepreneurship for people with a distance to the labour market and a tourist B&B in the Hof van Twente. The B&B is one of the few that offers the possibility to develop from working day to full time employment. By setting up the B&B as a social enterprise, the authentic Weldam farm gets a new interpretation. The intention is for the yard to be accessible both literally and figuratively, in order to be able to make the connection between tourists and the people being guided.