Fresh Spring Bock
Fresh and light sweet of taste

Grolsch brews for almost 100 years of specialty beers with rich flavors to suit different times and seasons. Fresh Spring Bock beer will surprise you with its light hoppy soft sweet taste. The proprietary blend of noble hop varieties and a generous amount of roasted malt provide tantalizing hints of citrus, honey and chamomile blossoms. The fresh aroma with spicy tones reminiscent of the spring.


Important features

Drinking temperature:8-10 °C

Nutritional values per 100 ml

Energy:246 kj
Calories:59 kcal
Carbohydrates:4,4 g
Sugars:0,6 g
Proteins:0,6 g
Sodium:< 0,01 g



The figures represent typical analysis.
Beer content is expressed in local units.
Where fat content is given as 0 grams per 100ml, the exact value is < 0.0 grams per 100ml.


This product contains malted barley