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22 October 2021

Grolsch puts Master Brewer in the supermarket

Brewer develops unique interactive display for more experience on the store floor
As of today, store visitors can get 'Advice from the Master Brewer' in their search for a tasty and appropriate beer. Beer brewer Grolsch has developed an interactive display, where consumers can scan a Grolsch beer and get advice on the spot from Master Brewer Marc Janssen. With this, Grolsch creates a new and unique shopping experience.
The display is an imitation of an on-trade bar, where Grolsch Master Brewer Marc Janssen plays the role of bartender. Here, store visitors can scan the barcode of Grolsch beers. Subsequently, Marc Janssen gives explanations about this beer. By receiving advice, customers not only discover the diverse range of Grolsch beers, but also learn more about the taste of the beer. "This way, we are able to take consumers through our diverse range of products in a fun and surprising way. Our goal is to help them make their choice easier in the supermarket" says Iris Weelink, Brand Activation Manager at Grolsch. 
The first responses to the display were enthusiastic: "We are always looking for innovative partnerships that inspire customers. This display of Grolsch is unique and innovative and helps us in our goal to inspire customers every week", AH Driessen - Arnhem Schuytgraaf. 
Shopping experience is increasingly important
Store experience is hugely important in today's retail world, and Grolsch is also aware of this. At the beginning of this year, the Twente brewer therefore created - together with Jumbo Leussink - a unique beer experience concept. In the beer shop of the Jumbo in Goor, the brewing process and sustainability are central. From its own research, Grolsch knows that shoppers benefit from information and inspiration when it comes to their beer choice. These insights have led to the development of the interactive display, in which these factors come together.
Sustainable character
The display was developed in collaboration with GSI Group and Artica (design) and is made to last three years. "When developing this display, we felt it was important for the display to have a sustainable character. Because the displays last for several years, we can use them again and again and deploy them throughout the country. This way, the whole of the Netherlands can become acquainted with this special display," concludes Weelink.
Curious? Check out the video here!