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23 December 2022

Grolsch puts new Twence heat pipeline into operation

Brewery first to receive sustainable heat from Twence for industrial use 
As of today, the Grolsche beer brewery is using sustainable heat from Twence. A first, because it is the first company to receive sustainable heat directly from Twence in the form of hot water and to use it for industrial processes, such as heating pasteurizers and rinsing machines. The brewer is thus taking another big step in its energy transition ambition to become a climate neutral brewery. This afternoon the heat pipeline was festively taken into use in the presence of Andries Heidema, Commissioner of the King in the province of Overijssel and Mayor of Enschede, Roelof Bleker, among others.  
Andrei Haret, Managing Director Royal Grolsch: "The commissioning of the heat pipeline will reduce our CO₂ emissions by 72% - about 5,500 tons per year - and will enable us to switch largely from fossil energy to renewable energy by 2022. But what makes this project extra special is its circularity: the cooled water that leaves our brewery is reused to heat homes in Enschede. Moreover, the arrival of the heat pipeline gives our biogas another purpose: it is upgraded to green gas that is supplied via the regional gas network to 700 Twente households. In other words, it’s a win-win!”  
Marc Kapteijn, Director Twence: 'Heat in this period is a great good. That is why it is very important that we work together to realize this heat transition in Twente. The sustainable heat, produced from non-reusable waste, is put to good use at Grolsch for heating rinsing machines for beer bottles and for heating buildings. And it doesn't stop here. We are going to use this heat to make industry and more than 100,000 homes in the region more sustainable." 
Warm green connection 
From the already existing heat pipeline from Twence to Enschede, an interconnection has been realized to the brewery. The actual construction of these branch heat pipes was realized in 9 months. Of particular note was the extension of the 550-meter pipeline from the Marssteden to Grolsch side under the A35 motorway. This warm green bond between Grolsch and Twence, connected by two heat pipes about 1.3 km long, provides sustainable heat and is future-proof. 
Sustainable region 
Roelof Bleker, Mayor of Enschede: "Together we must limit global warming. Also in Enschede and Twente we are fully committed to this. We do this with smart innovations and powerful collaborations. The collaboration between Grolsch and Twence is a wonderful example that will hopefully inspire other companies to make sustainable choices. Andries Heidema, Commissioner of the King in the province of Overijssel: 'I am proud that two leading companies in the region are really working on sustainability and thereby taking responsibility for the welfare of future generations. There are great challenges on our plate, but collaborations like this show that we can meet those challenges. I call that the new 'noaberschap'!” 
You can watch our short movie about the project here.