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22 December 2021

Grolsch toasts to a new year with Geluk

Happiness completes the series of four limited edition specialty beers

At the end of 2021, the Enschede brewer looks back on a year full of Hope, Faith and Love. Feelings that are needed to get through difficult times, but were sometimes hard to find in the past period. Fortunately, the year also brought beautiful things, such as the spontaneous cooperation with brewery Hoop from Zaandijk, where a dispute was solved by brewing a unique Peace Pipe together. A wonderful example showing that there is always hope. And now it is time for the final piece of the year and for the next chapter: Happiness.

Different than hoped for

'Of course we had all hoped that we would end 2021 differently. When we came up with this series of special beers, we couldn't have imagined that we would still be dealing with all kinds of restrictive measures,' says Juan Pérez Nijhuis, Brand Manager Grolsch Specialty Beers. 'Yet in this last Tasting Beer of 2021, everything comes together: we leave a difficult year behind us and continue to look forward. So together we want to toast to a 2022 full of Happiness'.

The new beer Geluk

Grolsch Happiness (9.8% vol) is a winter quadruple with a beautiful deep dark color. Master brewer Marc Janssen says: 'As a twist, I added a little bit of licorice and bergamot, which gives the beer aromas of caramel, citrus and a tiny bit of licorice. Your whole palate is tantalized. Sweet, salty, sour and bitter. With a deliciously long aftertaste. That's real happiness for me.


Grolsch Happiness (45cl) is available in limited quantities. The swing-top bottles will be sold starting this week at Mitra liquor stores and, as soon as possible, at Grolsch Proeverij Cafés throughout the country.