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13 July 2023

Grolsch will use solar energy from newly built solar parks

AMPYR Solar Europe and Asahi Europe & International sign supply agreement
Royal Grolsch under Asahi Europe & International (AEI) and AMPYR Solar Europe and have signed a multi-year virtual Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the supply of solar energy from new-to-be built solar parks. These solar parks will be built at various locations in the Netherlands and will have a capacity of more than 22 MWp. Grolsch will use this solar energy to produce its beer.
'Grolsch electricity has been 100% green through European renewable sources, however with signing of PPA, Grolsch will switch to newly built dedicated local sources. This will not only promote additionality of renewables and sustainability in Dutch market but will also mark another great step in carrying out our energy transition goals’ says Susan Ladrak, Sustainability Manager at Koninklijke Grolsch.
The transaction supports Asahi in its wider sustainability ambitions to be carbon neutral across all its European breweries by 2030.
Paolo Lanzarotti, CEO Asahi Europe & International said:
“This latest agreement providing dedicated renewable energy for our brewery in the NL marks another important step forward and significant commitment towards our Legacy 2030 goal of becoming carbon neutral in all our breweries by 2030 and across our wider supply chain by 2050. Now more than ever, and together with our partners we are committed to creating meaningful connections with people and the planet”.
Stephen Mason, Director Chief Commercial Officer of ASE, commented:
“ASE has developed a strong pipeline of solar projects across NL, which we will build out over the coming years. Innovative solutions such as Corporate PPAs have an important role to play in our delivery strategy. We are proud to be able to assist sustainability-focused organizations such as Asahi to further decarbonize their operations and support the energy transition in the NL”.