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3 March 2021

Jumbo Leussink Goor and Grolsch launch unique beer experience

"From barley, water and hops to filled swing-top bottle".

Behind the existing Jumbo supermarket in Goor, a lot of hard work has been done since last year to establish a completely new Jumbo supermarket. Brothers Tijn and Niek Leussink are opening a very sustainable supermarket in the most sustainable supermarket building of the Benelux. Their passion for beer and the relevance of the beer category in the region have resulted in a unique beer department. The brewing process is central here, with real kettles and a real filling line. The sustainability ambition of both parties is also clearly visible here. 

After 10 years of preparation and a construction period of 1 year, Jumbo Leussink today opened its doors in Goor. The supermarket has the latest gadgets and refrigeration techniques in the field of sustainability. This supermarket will be the eye-catcher of the supermarket offerings in the municipality of Hof van Twente. In the completely new building, besides a Jumbo, a Gall & Gall and Etos will also be located. In the catering area "De huiskamer van Leussink" customers can go for a snack and a drink.

Beer is a craft 
"Together with Jumbo Leussink, Grolsch wants to show that beer is a beautiful natural product and brewing beer is a true craft. We take the customer from ingredients to brewing kettles, to a real filling line." says Mirjam Fischer, Category Manager Retail at Grolsch. "Grolsch has a very ambitious sustainability ambition: from 2025 we want to be able to brew completely CO2 neutral. In this display, we show in an original way how Grolsch is working on this and where we stand at this moment. We also make sure that customers are inspired and well informed about the assortment. We do this by means of the beer app Untappd, in which information about the beers is available and real beer lovers judge the beers. This app is accessible on screens in the store, so that if in doubt or for inspiration, all information is always available to the customer." 

Joint sustainability ambition
Co-owner Tijn Leussink states, "In 2017, together with Grolsch, we developed an experience concept for the beer category for our store in Haaksbergen. Since then, we rolled out this successful concept in our other Jumbo Leussink supermarkets. While drawing up the plans for this new, sustainable supermarket in Goor, it soon became clear that we wanted the beer category to really stand out again. In this 2.0 version not only the experience, but also the sustainability is central. Together with Grolsch and the creative agency Artica, we developed a very innovative beer experience concept that perfectly matches our joint sustainability ambition and our market area”.