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20 April 2023

LINDA. Launches LINDA.BEER in partnership with Grolsch

Cheers to LINDA.
To celebrate LINDA.'s 20th anniversary this year, the brand is releasing its own beer, specially brewed by Grolsch for LINDA. Apart from Grolsch's master brewer, LINDA. editors and readers were of course involved in the composition of the beer. This resulted in Brut Blond, a fresh and fruity light blonde beer. You toast together, so the LINDA.BIER is available in a gift pack, consisting of two swing-top bottles with two glasses. Available from today via the Grolsch webshop. From 1 May, the set will be on sale for €9.99 (recommended retail price) at major supermarkets.
Aromas of kiwi and grapes 
Under the guidance of Marc Janssen, Grolsch's master brewer, exactly those ingredients were selected that make LINDA.BIER fresh and fruity. Besides the LINDA. editors, readers were also invited to taste the sample brews, after which Marc Janssen developed the final flavour based on this. With the addition of Nelson Sauvin hops, aromas of kiwi and grapes emerge. Full fermentation gives the beer a nice, dry flavour. Tight but with a light aftertaste.
LINDA. reader prefers special beer
A survey* among LINDA. readers about beer showed that more than two thirds (67.5%) of the respondents drink beer (sometimes) because they find it tasty, thirst-quenching, fresh and/or enjoyable. Of this group, 89% prefer to drink speciality beer. Finally, respondents were asked which Dutch celebrity they would most like to have a beer with. With spot on one is: Queen Maxima, followed by Eva Jinek in second place.
A cooperation between LINDA. and Grolsch, not obvious but therefore extra fun. The brands have a number of connecting values: extremely Dutch, genuine, sincere and idiosyncratic. Grolsch brews because they love people, people who want to feel connected, to enjoy themselves together. LINDA. wants to make beautiful things that make an impact for nice people. Grolsch is always looking for ways to reach a broad target group - including women - LINDA. was looking for something festive to celebrate its 20th anniversary with. That connected the two brands, the result being their own -by Grolsch-brewed LINDA.BIER. 
LINDA.BIER, brewed by Grolsch, is now available to order online from Grolsch's webshop in a gift pack with two swing-top bottles and two glasses. From 1 May, the set will be on sale for €9.99 (recommended retail price) in selected supermarkets at Albert Heijn, Coop, Jumbo, Plus and at Mitra liquor store. The beer is temporarily available in a limited edition.
Colour: light blonde 
Alcohol percentage: 5.7% 
* Survey was conducted via among 1,740 participants in the period from 25 October to 3 November 2022.