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14 September 2020

Market leader Grolsch introduces dark non-alcoholic speciality beer: Autumn beer 0.0%

Grolsch is the first large beer brewer in the Netherlands to introduce a dark non-alcoholic beer. As the market leader in the Autumn beer segment, Grolsch offers a responsible alternative for the autumn. After an initial test phase in which the alcohol-free Autumn beer was well received by consumers, Grolsch is now marketing this beer nationwide. With this introduction, Grolsch is responding to the growing demand for non-alcoholic beers in the Netherlands.
'Grolsch Autumn beer 0.0%'
Whereas existing non-alcoholic (special) beers have a refreshing taste, Grolsch Autumn Beer 0.0% has a warming taste. This makes it the perfect special beer to enjoy responsibly on dark, autumn days. Grolsch Herfstbier 0.0% has a deep ruby red colour and a firm, mocha-coloured frothy head. Master brewer Guy Evers has succeeded in his mission to create full flavours such as caramel and sultanas, thanks to a unique yeast variety and the most modern brewing techniques. Exactly what consumers are looking for in the autumn. 
Grolsch Tasting
Last autumn, Grolsch Herfstbier 0.0% was released as part of the Grolsch Tasting. The beer was available exclusively in tasting pubs throughout the country and during the Military in Boekelo, which is known as one of the largest 'Bokbeer' events in the Netherlands. As part of the Grolsch Tasting, beer lovers were actively asked for their opinion on this new non-alcoholic beer. The consumer's need for an alcohol-free autumn beer was abundantly clear. A number of points for improvement were made to the taste. Master brewer Guy Evers therefore worked on the balance between sweet and bitter in recent months and optimised the warming effect: "By adding a natural chili extract, the taste buds are stimulated and you can taste warm tones. Due to the characteristic full-bodied flavour, it is 100% enjoyment with 0% alcohol", according to Guy. 
With the national introduction of Grolsch Herfstbier 0.0%, Grolsch is responding to the growing popularity of alcohol-free beers in the Netherlands. Grolsch Herfstbier 0.0% is the responsible alternative for a nice moment in the autumn. Starting this week, Grolsch Herfstbier 0.0% will be available nationwide at various supermarkets in 6-pack and in bottled catering establishments.