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4 March 2021

Royal Grolsch launches

As of today the innovative digital platform is accessible to every entrepreneur
Today, Royal Grolsch is launching a digital platform created for all entrepreneurs in the Dutch hospitality sector: This online platform provides Grolsch’s horecapartners with one single, accessible location where all information on the relevant aspects of their partnership can be found. It also functions as an informative platform for all other entrepreneurs active in the hospitality sector.
Mike Stoffers, Head of On Trade at Grolsch: "Every day we work with a large team of people on building sustainable partnerships with our existing and future clients. With the introduction of the platform we digitalize information about our brands & services and offer inspiration, for everyone in the hospitality channel. And if we already work together, you will have a continuous view on all relevant aspects of our cooperation. Transparent and relevant!".
A platform for all horeca entrepreneurs
During the development of the wishes of entrepreneurs were carefully considered, and in 2020 the platform has been tested extensively by 300 horecapartners. The platform offers one central location where customers can find relevant information, have access to the beer planning, can order beers and equipment, and can find real-time insight into sales figures, trends, tips for margin optimization, and progress of bonus benefits. Martijn Momberg, Category Manager On Trade at Grolsch: "We invite all our horecapartners to apply for an account on They will have access to the many new tools the platform offers. Entrepreneurs who do not yet have a partnership with us are welcome to learn more about our brands and sustainability ambitions as well.”
Sustainable Character
Sustainable entrepreneurship is the standard at Koninklijke Grolsch. In addition to Grolsch' ambition to become entirely energy-neutral, great value is also placed on a sustainable relationship with entrepreneurs. Grolsch finds it important that the entire sector has the opportunity to make its business more sustainable. Entrepreneurs can therefore visit the platform not only to find out everything about Koninklijke Grolsch's product range, but also to access various e-learning modules in the field of sustainability. 
Already awarded with a prestigious prize 
With Koninklijke Grolsch has created an extraordinarily innovative platform, in collaboration with the agency TRIMM. Although the platform has only been up and running for a short time, it has already won a prestigious award in the field of digital development: The Dutch Interactive Award. The jury said: "Through this online platform Grolsch supports its hospitality entrepreneurs with self-care, data and (market) insights. This has set an entire sector in motion. Something like that can only be achieved by applying the right methods, systems and technology and managing the impact on the organization. The bar is high in this extremely competitive market."