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4 November 2020

Sustainable Business Challenge 2020

Last Friday the 8th edition of the Sustainable Business Challenge started online. With no less than 200 applications, 60 students and recent graduates were selected to take part in the kick-off. In the coming weeks, the participating companies - including Grolsch - will challenge young talent to come up with an innovative and feasible solution to their sustainability problem.
The students will focus on various issues for Grolsch, ENGIE, Waternet, Alliander and ForFarmers. The sustainability issues are clear: how do you make tank beer transport more sustainable? How can we distribute power in public spaces in the future? And how can we encourage farmers to generate and share renewable energy? In interdisciplinary teams - with students from both technical and social backgrounds - they work on solutions that these companies can actually implement.
Making tank beer transport more sustainable
Our beer is brewed in our brewery in Enschede. After fermentation, lagering and filtration at the brewery, the beer is filled in large tankers so that it is finally delivered to the customer (horeca and festivals) throughout the Netherlands in the (mostly smaller) tanks. It is our ambition to make the entire chain sustainable in 2050 and even make it completely CO2 neutral. An important part of this is transport. This means that we want to make tank beer transport and related processes fully sustainable, while at the same time meeting current and future requirements in view of transport in the Netherlands and the individual inner cities. The central question in this Business Challenge is therefore: how can Grolsch make the tanker beer transport process more sustainable so that it becomes CO2 neutral, meets future (environmental) requirements and retains at least the current quality?
In the coming period the teams will be supported with workshops and training sessions in the creative process to come with an innovative solution to their problem. During the finals around mid-December, all teams present their idea to the jury, where ultimately the team with the most promising idea is chosen. We are very curious what the students will come up with and are looking forward to the final day!
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