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9 September 2020

Veronica and Grolsch launch cross-media film platform Movies Explained

Veronica and Grolsch join forces to launch the cross-media film platform Movies Explained, which provides viewers with additional explanations, the film diary, context, facts and facts about their favourite film. From information about a complicated ending to a special choice of character, Movies Explained is an informative film platform where all this is discussed. 'Gierige Gasten' can also be seen weekly on Movies Explained with their brand new online series Filmbusters from 10 September. In short: the content of Movies Explained allows the movie viewer to watch films with different eyes.
Veronica and Grolsch will join forces to ensure that Movies Explained can be followed on all visible channels of both brands: from TV, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, to the shop floor. All content is bundled on the platform.
Movies Explained focuses on new and old films and all kinds of interesting facts about these films. For example, we see film trailers, unique backstage fragments, interviews with directors, interesting film facts and striking elements from film scenes. Also part of Movies Explained is the online series Filmbusters with Niels Oosthoek, Joost Kraima and Martijn Manschot from the successful YouTube channel Gierige Gasten. In Filmbusters, the Stingy Guests test how realistic various scenes from well-known films are, each time with the pressing question: is this film scene also possible in real life? From 10 September, the eight episodes of Filmbusters will be shown weekly on Movies Explained and the YouTube channel Vigorous Guests. 
Melanie Koning, Marketing Manager Grolsch adds: "Veronica and Grolsch have joined forces on several occasions to inspire film viewers, an important target group for both brands. With Movies Explained we take this a step further. With Movies Explained, we want viewers to look at film differently. Something that matches the characters of Grolsch and Veronica. We hope to please a lot of film viewers. Moreover, we notice that a beer and a film in the living room is also a good combination and we are responding to that!
Bastiaan van Dalen, channel manager Veronica TV: "Movies Explained fits well with the film channel that Veronica is pre-eminently. With this new platform we offer viewers even more content in the field of film. That makes Veronica even more emphatically the platform for film lovers in the Netherlands".
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