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20 April 2021

Viper Hard Seltzer ready to conquer Dutch market

‘Sparkling water with a bite' available from this week at all major supermarkets
Viper Hard Seltzer will be launched in the Dutch market as of this week. The brand has spent the past months building up national distribution at all major Dutch retailers and is convinced to become market leader in the hard seltzer category in the Netherlands. The introduction of this light alcoholic beverage is a response to the current trend and also a first: it is the first hard seltzer in the Netherlands that is available in bottle as well as in cans, and can be seen with a commercial on television.
Viper Hard Seltzer - the new brand of Asahi Europe and International, the parent company of Royal Grolsch - has the ambition to become market leader in hard seltzers. To this end, the international proposition Viper has been developed. The hard seltzer is being launched in several countries in Europe. The drink is brewed in a natural, traditional way in the well-known Pilsen brewery in the Czech Republic. 
Visible and available everywhere
Viper can now be found at all major Dutch supermarkets and, as soon as possible, it will also be available at many pubs and restaurants. As of this week, the drink cannot be missed on television and online as well: the hard seltzer is being promoted nationwide through a major campaign. Viper will be highly visible through a television commercial, online video and social media campaign. We are very proud that the drink will be widely available and that we have the opportunity to introduce it in such a grand way,' says Yara Pelzer, Brand Manager Viper Nederland. With this introduction we want to appeal to a large group of consumers: consumers who are more conscious of the drinks they drink, but who also want to continue to enjoy them.
Low in alcohol and fresh in taste
Viper Hard Seltzer is a clear, lightly alcoholic drink made from natural ingredients. It consists of sparkling water, alcohol and a fruit flavour and is aimed primarily at those who like to enjoy an alcoholic drink but are also cautious about consuming artificial ingredients, sugar or lots of calories. Viper is a brewed hard seltzer and is available in lime and cranberry flavours. It is gluten-free and contains no preservatives or artificial colours or sweeteners.
Tin and bottle with contemporary design
In addition to cans, Viper has also chosen to offer the product in bottles. This is a conscious choice', says Yara Pelzer. This drink lends itself perfectly to the hospitality and retail sectors, where Dutch consumers often consume from bottles. This is also what we get back from the hotel and catering industry. The bottle is perfect for serving Viper in a glass with a lime wedge and ice. A strong position for Viper, because there are few other large suppliers with a hard seltzer in bottle'. 
Viper Hard Seltzer is presented with the pay-off 'sparkling water with a bite'. The bite here refers to the snake ('Viper') - which can also be seen in the brand logo - and to the twist that the alcohol gives to the sparkling water.