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22 March 2023

Working together to tackle water scarcity in Twente

Our country has been increasingly confronted with drought and water scarcity in recent years. To raise water awareness and jointly invest in new living labs and business cases that contribute to Twente's resilience to drought and water scarcity, several parties have joined forces. Under the name 'De Twentse Golf', Waterschap Vechtstromen, Vitens, Koninklijke Grolsch, University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and Pioneering Foundation are teaming up to tackle water scarcity in the Twente region.
It is the result of a meeting in 2022 at the Grolsch brewery, where more than 30 companies, knowledge institutes and authorities came together to discuss the increasing drought and come up with possible solution directions. These were brought together in an initial push for a public-private knowledge and innovation agenda. This has now also been embraced by the Twente Board. A quartermaster has also been found who will now start working on it: Bernard de Groot. In the coming months, we are already organising the first activities and in June we will invite the parties who took the initiative in 2022 to discuss the initial results and set the agenda for 2024.