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21 April 2022

World first: Netherlands first country with tanker beer Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Royal Grolsch is going to brew the Italian beer brand Peroni locally in Enschede

Royal Grolsch has the world premiere: the first country in the world to supply Peroni Nastro Azzurro tanker beer in the hospitality industry as of April 2022. Worldwide, the Italian premium beer brand is served in more than 70 countries, but in no other country in the world is this beer already freshly tapped from a beer tank. This innovation not only reinforces the brand's strong growth ambition, but also makes great strides in the area of sustainability.

Brewed in the Netherlands according to Italian recipe

This international premium lager also plays an important strategic role within Koninklijke Grolsch. As part of the further expansion of the brand, a complex project took place in the brewery to make the production of Peroni possible locally, and to brew it exactly the way it is in Italy. The colleagues from Rome, Bari and Padova have recorded the unique recipe in a so-called 'brand technical footprint', which means that Koninklijke Grolsch's master brewers can now brew the Italian beer exactly as it is.

Big improvement in sustainability

By brewing the voluminous tank beer in the Netherlands and filling it in tanks, Koninklijke Grolsch avoids many unnecessary kilometres - about 240,000 km this year - and therefore CO2 emissions between Italy and the Netherlands. This fits perfectly with Koninklijke Grolsch's ambition to be a fully climate-neutral brewery. Besides the tank beer, the 19.5 and 50l barrels will also be filled in Enschede, the stylish bottle and the Peroni can will continue to come from Italy for the time being.

Strong growth ambitions

We've carefully built the Peroni Nastro Azzurro brand in the Dutch market. Started as a hip, bottled proposition for ambitious city-dwellers, further developed into an exclusive draught beer for the Dutch hospitality industry. Since a few years also selectively available in the supermarket, and now we have the moment to further roll out the brand. As of March, Peroni and its alcohol-free version Peroni 0.0% are available in the on-trade and in all supermarkets. And from April onwards, we also started to offer locally brewed tank beer to a large number of horeca outlets - an important step for us to give the brand the greatness it truly deserves, and to bring the true Italian passion and flair to the Dutch consumer. Of course, national communication will also follow, so that the brand is in the spotlight all year round,' says Floris van den Berg, Head of On Trade at Koninklijke Grolsch.